In passing

photo by Roxie Richardson

Train says to station

Today I saw the future

Just like that he passed


About niksilva

It is with words that travelers are able to share their steps, great minds to elevate the masses, children to develop realities, and leaders to rule. With words we can create and we can destroy. We can clarify or we can distort. There is power in word, and there is life. The great sages of history have been story tellers, wordsmiths, kind and charismatic, thoughtful and passionate, able to conjure images and manipulate emotions. And it is with words that I play, for I am driven to do so. Perhaps, in them, you will find form and reason, logic and meaningful content, or, perhaps, simply, delusional outbursts and scribblings of frustration. Always, however, will you find in them honesty and sincerity. Words from my heart. Words with which I hope to conquer fear, to inspire, and to empower not only myself, but any who might read or hear them.
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